Guinness Foreign Extra Stout Pour and Review

We finally got our hands on some Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. We could only buy it by the case, but that isn’t so bad. Guinness Foreign Extra  comes in a four pack.  It is presented as a premium beer, and comes with a price point around $10. For that you do get a stout with a 7.5% APV. Review after the pour:

Foreign Extra Stout Pour


I was super excited to finally see Guinness Foreign Extra Stout at the store. They also had a drawing for a Guinness Mountain bike! There were only two cases of Guinness Foreign Extra left. I of course had to grab one. Sadly they didn’t have any Foreign Extra in the cooler so I had to wait for it to chill at home before trying it.

Guinness Foreign Extra has a bold flavor. It is a heavy stout. It is deep and complex. The extra hops and roasted barley come through strong and give this stout nutty over tones. You can taste the traditional Guinness stout here, but this one has an even fuller body. There is a nice bitterness to Foreign Extra, reminiscent of black coffee, with a little sugar. You also get a nice dark chocolate flavor, along the lines of a good 80% bar. I am really impressed with Guinness Foreign Extra. It will always have a place in my fridge.

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